Psychic Yvonne Nelson


Several years ago, I participated in a TV programme about psychic phenomena. During the break I started chatting to a fellow participant. We were talking about our interest in the psychic world and I explained that I already gave readings to friends and family, but because I wanted to work professionally I felt I should hone my natural gifts and have them validated by taking some kind of formal training. I was referred to Lee Van Zyl, who unknown to me at the time was known as “the psychic’s psychic”.

I contacted Lee, told her about myself and after a long chat over the phone, she invited me to her home to give her a face-to-face Tarot reading. A few weeks later I travelled over to the other side of London with my cards, but strangely enough, I didn’t feel as nervous as I expected to. I just went ahead and gave Lee a reading. Lee said she was amazed by my natural talent and accuracy and subsequently took me into her private circle and coached me for 2 years during which time I honed my skills at Tarot card reading, learned about the chakras, crystals, psychometry and numerology.

That was several years ago now and since then, Lee and I have worked together on many occasions both at Psychic Fares and Corporate Events:

Evonne……Wonderful Psychic

“In 2001 Evonne joined my closed circle to refine her psychic talents and abilities. I must say I found her to be a highly gifted natural psychic and her commitment to her spiritual path profound. Evonne has proven her gifts over and over again and since she graduated to a professional standard in 2004 Evonne has been working alongside me in my corporate work whilst building a very successful private practice.
I wish to add my personal endorsement to Evonne’s work and to those who are looking for a validated, accurate and sensitive reading Evonne is the reader for you. She’s very, very good indeed.

Sincerely, Lee Van Zyl – Studio Psychic, Psychic Today TV, Sky Channel 886″
Lee Van Zyl (48), London

In 2010, I started working as a webcam psychic on the longstanding and successful TV show – Psychic Today TV on Sky Channel 886 (where I am known as Evonne rather than Yvonne!). I enjoy working on the phone for the show from my own private practice but I have also been invited to do live work in their studios on international TV which I’m very much looking forward to.

Here are some testimonials from some of my clients at Psychic Interactive:

Truly Amazing Reading

“Evonne gave me a truly inspiring reading gave me a lot of practical advise in my reading. Told me techniques to do for my benefit. I will be using them in my life. thank you very much Evonne “
Marie (46), Liverpool

A Truly Intuitive Reading

“Evonne gives readings that go far beyond a simple “reading the cards” – she is a natural psychic and gives astonishing accuracy. As a result I use Evonne’s readings as a helpful guide in my life.”
Thomas (52), Kent

Thank You!

“Hi Yvonne
Thank you for my fantastic reading and giving me clarity on my immediate path, you are truly gifted person and told me things that no one knows, I am looking forward to my next reading. Paula x “

Paula provins (41), Orpington

“Hi Evonne, I just wanted to say thank you for giving me hope in my recent reading that David would come back into my life in May. Your reading made me so happy and different things that you picked up in my reading has definitely made me trust that what you said to me will happen and that we will have a wonderful summer together and the rest of our lives. Being away from him has made me realise even more that he is the man I want to spend the rest of my life with and he is my soul mate. I will be in touch with you next month as soon as David and I are back together. I have good days and bad but then I remember my reading with you and the anticipation of what will happen in May cheers me up. Thank you again Evonne, you are a wonderful lady.

Love and Light, Janine xxxxxxxxxx”
Janine (48), Buckinghamshire

What A Lovely Reading!

“Thank you for a lovely reading Evonne. It’s very reassuring to hear that I am going in the right direction in my life. Thank you again for your compassion and insight, Joan x “

Joan (50), Ireland

“Thank you Evonne for that lovely reading. You really cheered me up and made me feel very secure about the changes I’m making in my life. Thank you so very much, Joan x “

Joan (50), Ireland

“Just had a lovely reading with Yvonne. She is very patient warm and caring. Thank u for your advice. “

Joleen (29)

Thank u for making me feel better

“Sorry we got cut off as I only had 10 mins, you are such a lovely lady and knew a lot about my situation. I really appreciate the great reading you gave me will definately let you know how I get on Lots of Love Debbie xxx”

Debbie (42), London

Thanks for your insight

“Evonne picked up so much about the situation with my ex and the woman around him. Described her character exactly and her manipulation of him and the fact that he does realise he has made a big mistake but is trying to find the courage to walk away from the situation he is in. I will now wait and see what happens when all this unravels over the next few months and decide which path to take.

Lovely, caring lady who echoed what psychics like Karina, Manillix, Katie and Julie have told me and made me really think about what I want to do when he comes back – is this really want I want? Thanks Evonne – you really made me think. xx”



“Evonne spot on reading ten mins hit the nail on the head
And the guy turned up as she said on thurs. Superb reader.”

Marie, London

Latest feedback

“Hi Evonne, I just had to let you know that at long last out of the blue David has contacted me. I definitely had to go through my move first and settle before he could come back to me. You said to me to stay positive and I have after all this time. The strong connection that we have, I just knew that I must wait for him as I’m not interested in anyone else in my life. I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the advice you gave me and that he would be back and we will be together. I would recommend a reading with Evonne as she is such a caring lady and when I first spoke to her I was so down and close to tears, After my reading I had hope and by standing by my beliefs and gut feelings as well as all the advice that Evonne gave me, its all paid off and I am a happy bunny again and looking forward to what’s next in store for me and David. Thank you again Evonne, love & light, Janine xxxxxxxxxxx”

Janine (48), Buckinghamshire