Psychic Yvonne Nelson




Life Path Number One individuals are achievement-oriented and are driven by their goals to achieve success and recognition. 

As soon as they have conquered one level they will immediately embark on another.  When they have learned to be comfortable within themselves, they will use their confidence and leadership skills to benefit others as well as themselves. 

You will often find Number One Life Path individuals in powerful organisations, professional sports and the military. 

A strong Number One Life Path will not be defeated by pressures in his environment – their goal is to win, to gain and to achieve.

A weak Number One Life Path individual tends to be dictatorial and self-interested.  Their need for recognition and success becomes over-inflated to the point where their personal and social relationships start to suffer.  In turn, they will lose their self-esteem and motivation and be unable to face up to the reality and consequences of their actions and behaviours.

 A healthy Number One Life Path is able to achieve by utilising his or her own personal abilities without having to resort to the destruction or manipulation of others.

 A healthy Number One Life path equates to self-empowerment and positive self-expression.


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