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Psychic Development – An Introduction

We are not physical beings who may have a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a physical experience.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881 – 1955)

I believe that we are all born psychic, but as we begin our development into adulthood, certain expectations are placed upon us on how we are meant to behave, on what is considered to be normal and what is considered to be ‘coincidence’ or ‘imagination’.

Do you remember having an ‘imaginary friend’ as a child? To you, your friend was totally real, right! However your parents would tell you that your friend was a figment of your imagination. Have you since wondered if this ‘imaginary friend’ could have been your spirit guide or a spirit visitor? Have there been times when, without prior arrangement, you have known that the phone was going to ring and also known who the caller would be, but then dismissed this as being just a coincidence rather than accepting that this was ESP at work?

We know we have five senses: Touch, Sight, Hearing, Smell and Taste. ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) is a sixth sense. Some of the ‘normal’ senses are enhanced by ESP which puts them into a different category, for example:

Clairaudience – Hearing
Clairsentience – Feeling/Sensing
Clairvoyance – Seeing
Psychometry – Touching

The difference being that the Clairvoyant sees something that others cannot see; the Clairaudient hears something that others cannot hear and the Clairsentience feels/senses something that others do not feel or sense. Psychometry is the name used when a psychic touches an object and is aware of its history and/or the history of the owner of the object. So, really, being psychic is like having a heightened awareness of all our ‘normal’ senses.

We can develop our ESP to re-unite ourselves with the psychic gifts that we were born with and to enhance them to reach a heightened awareness. I believe that the process of developing our ESP also puts us on the path to our own personal and spiritual development – a path on which we learn how to ‘tune-in’ to ourselves – thus gaining a greater understanding of ourselves and others, allowing us to experience more enriched, fulfilled and uplifted lives.

The first stage of psychic development is to teach ourselves, through meditation, how to quieten our thoughts and rid ourselves of the constant chit-chat that goes on in our minds.

Try sitting still for a moment and listen to your thought process. You will be amazed at the constant conversations you are having with yourself! Listen to the language you use in your head – perhaps you have noticed that often you will find this is quite negative; where you are constantly telling yourself that you should have done this or that, or calling yourself stupid, or where you habitually visualise negative scenarios to challenging aspect of your life.

Through meditation, you can learn how to quieten your thoughts and to focus on solutions rather than problems and to focus on the positive rather than the negative. You can use meditation to get to know and connect with your higher-self. Through meditation and focused visualisation, you can learn how to knock down that wall that you built in your mind so long ago that encouraged you to serve, appease and comply with the wishes, beliefs and expectations of others instead of allowing you to accept, explore, develop and liberate your psychic gifts and ESP!

Your psychic development can begin by using three main steps:

a) developing your focus and concentration;

Psychic Yvonne Nelson Meditation

b) activating your psychic centres – the seven chakras;

Psychic Yvonne Nelson Chakras

c) clearing the six main blocks to your psychic development i.e. disbelief; fear; tension; anxiety; over-eagerness and impatience!

Psychic and spiritual development is a personal, life-long study – I am a student with much to learn. There is much to cover and I would like share with you what I have learned so far. I will do this with my series of blogs covering a), b) and c) above. So, do look out for these on this site and also on my Facebook and Twitter pages.

Have a wonderful journey!