Psychic Yvonne Nelson

Tarot – The Magician


 Astrology: Mercury 



The Magician is the first person the Fool meets on his travels.  The Magician is a powerful, impressive character and the Fool is totally in awe of him.  Without question, the Fool gives the Magician the pack he has been carrying.

 The Magician then raises his wand up to the skies and points his finger down to the earth, and he calls upon the divine powers.  The infinity symbol, above his head (the symbol that looks like a figure of eight lying on its side – called the lemniscate) symbolises the energy of thought, and the Magician pulls down the divine powers into his wand, which then merge with the lemniscate, and finally, by pointing his finger down to the ground, he makes the powers manifest on Earth. 

 A cloth magically unfolds upon the Magicians table revealing the Sword of communication and intellect; the Cup of love, happiness and emotions; the Wand of enterprise and distinction and the Pentacle of work, possessions and material matters.  These four suits are symbolic of the four aces in the Tarot - the seeds that represent the undeveloped power of each suit.   

 When the Magician appears, it is a very good omen representing new opportunities, power, entrepreneurship, new beginnings, will-power; self-confidence and success. The Magician reveals these powers to us that he has manifested onto our earth to helps us turn our ideas into reality.  The Magician is a card of revelation.

 The reversal of this card signifies abuse of power, indecision, trickery and deception it is a warning to be careful who you share your confidences with and who you place your trust in.

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