Psychic Yvonne Nelson

Tarot – The Fool


 Element: Air.

Astrology: Pluto.



The Fool, filled with wonder, and armed with all his worldly possessions – everything he needs in one pack; excitedly sets out on his way, not knowing where he is going.  He is embarking on a brand new start and has all the tools to be or do anything he wants.  He approaches the edge of a cliff, not seeming to notice it.  He is accompanied by his dog, which at first glance, seems to be annoying him, but could the dog be trying to warn him of the obstacle ahead?  Will the Fool’s excitement get the better of him and cause him to plunge head first over the cliff?  Or, will he stop and think before it’s too late? 

The Fool can represent the questioner or a person around the questioner.  The Fool is associated with new beginnings, often a move to a new home or job, or with starting a new relationship or trying something new. It represents more than a change; there is also movement, spontaneity, optimism, joy and adventure.  However this card also carries a warning that you need to guard against impulsiveness, immaturity and thoughtlessness, so ensure that you look before you leap!

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