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YOUR ANGEL FOR TODAY -  COMMITMENT    Angel wisdom reminds you that when you aim for a vision without doubt or deviation, it must succeed.  Your guidance is to persevere towards your vision.  Let every thought, word and action be directed towards your desired outcome.  Nothing is more powerful than focused …

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Tarot – The Magician

THE MAGICIAN  Astrology: Mercury      The Magician is the first person the Fool meets on his travels.  The Magician is a powerful, impressive character and the Fool is totally in awe of him.  Without question, the Fool gives the Magician the pack he has been carrying.  The Magician then raises …

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The Fool

Tarot – The Fool

THE FOOL  Element: Air. Astrology: Pluto.     The Fool, filled with wonder, and armed with all his worldly possessions – everything he needs in one pack; excitedly sets out on his way, not knowing where he is going.  He is embarking on a brand new start and has all …

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