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Psychic Yvonne AngelsThere are many descriptions of Angels, but mostly we know them to be messengers; spiritual beings and forces of light that are always with us. They are divine beings who are of a faster vibration. They guide us without judgement and they heal and protect us – their love is pure and unconditional.

Many people have felt the presence of Angels, some have actually seen them, had a vision of them, or seen them in their dreams. But all say that they are left with an amazing feeling of peace and contentment. Most of us don’t realise that the Angels are there, waiting to help us. Because we have free will, they wait for us to request their assistance – they do not impose. All we need to do is to remember to ask them for their help.




There are nine Hierarchies of Angels and they all have their own specialities.

Guardian Angels – The First Hierarchy

Guardian Angels Psychic Yvonne Nelson









They are guardians and protectors, and assist us with our fears.

The Archangels – The Second Hierarchy

Psychic Yvonne Nelson Archangels













They are messengers of hope and are also healers. The Four main Archangels are:


Archangel Michael (Archangel of the South, Essence: Fire)

Archangel Michael - Psychic Yvonne Nelson






Archangel Raphael (Archangel of the East, Essence: Air)

Archangel Rapheal - Psychic Yvonne Nelson











Archangel Uriel (Archangel of the North: Essence: Earth)
Archangel Uriel - Psychic Yvonne Nelson








Archangel Gabriel (Archangel of the West: Essence: Water)

Archangel Gabriel











The Cherubim and Seraphim – The Third and Fourth Hierarchy

Cherubim and Seraphim










Cherubim’s have beautiful singing voices and Seraphim’s possess beautiful, vibrational tones.

The Powers – The Fifth Hierarchy

Their main purpose is healing.

The Virtues – The Sixth Hierarchy

Virtue Angels






The Virtues help us to make the necessary changes to our life chart/life path.

The Dominions – The Seventh Hierarchy

They watch over us and record our actions, especially our good deeds, in the Akashic Records. They help us on The Other Side rather than on the Earth Plane.

The Thrones and Principalities – The Eighth and Ninth Hierarchy

This Hierarchy of Angels is believed to be the highest. They are present when we are in danger and protect us and our loved ones when we are in difficult and dangerous situations. The Thrones are guardians and The Principalities are in charge of the World. These are very graceful and powerful Angels.

I feel you will greatly enjoy bringing the Angels into your life – they give great hope and inspiration even during difficult times. Doreen Virtue has a magnificent collection of Angel Cards which are available in bookshops all over the world.

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