Psychic Yvonne Nelson

About Yvonne

About Psychic Yvonne Nelson
Yvonne (also known as Evonne) is a natural, experienced, professional psychic and has been giving readings for many years.

As a small child, Yvonne remembers that she would just announce that something was going to happen, or have information that later on would prove to be valid, without knowing where it came from. She later became fascinated by tarot cards and began studying them in her mid-teens and subsequently started giving readings to friends and family. She discovered that she had a natural ability for counselling and decided to use these gifts to help others.

Yvonne is mainly clairsentient (clear feeling) but also clairaudient (clear hearing) and clairvoyant (clear seeing); Yvonne works with various tarot decks and her reputation as an accurate and sensitive psychic follows from the reliable, accurate predictions and outcomes that she is able to give for the future.

Yvonne loves to work with angel cards for guidance from the angelic realm; crystals to balance your energies and numerology – the science of numbers – to analyse character and to assess past, present and future timelines.

Over the year’s Yvonne has given a multitude of readings, and has experience in providing her professional psychic tarot readings at psychic fairs all over the country, and in the corporate arena for large corporate organisations. She has ample experience of working with prestigious, blue chip companies and has worked alongside “The Psychic’s Psychic” – Lee Van Zyl at Corporate Events for many years. Yvonne is currently building her own, successful; one-to-one private practice.

Yvonne is a Member of the Guild of Spiritual Workers.

Yvonne is available to give readings that will delight your guests at Private Parties, Dinner Parties, Staff and Client Events, Charity Events, Product Launches, Seasonal Parties, Birthdays, Hen Nights, and Weddings.


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Yvonne also offers personal, accurate and in-depth readings via telephone, e-mail or in one-to-one consultations.